Nature Scavenger Hunt and More


We printed up a quick scavenger hunt list, grabbed tape and a basket and my camera, and off we went! Here’s what we got. All but the one of me, were taken by me.  Sam (9) took the picture of me. I had the camera on aperture priority, 400 ISO and auto focus for these particular shots. Enjoy!







As soon as we arrived to the park the boys found this huge mound of sand and insisted on climbing it. When Noah stood up on it he was SO TALL I asked him to crouch down, otherwise it looked like he was in the sky!


The first item on our scavenger hunt list was a red leaf.


Up next was the smallest yellow leaf we could find. Max wins at this one!


That’s me! It was cold out today, a chilly 48 degrees.


Next on the list was to find evidence of an animal.  Max found this track down by the water.

And Sam found this dead fish. He also found a dead mouse and dead rat but I  don’t want to totally gross you out!


Smooth bark was on our list.


We were supposed to listen for bird song. This falcon was flying above us.


Find two different types of grass and describe their differences.


Find small pebbles.


Find a small flower.


And in the end, wrap tape around your wrist sticky side out, and add what you’ve found or whatever is around you, to your nature bracelet. The boys enjoyed decorating their bracelets but only kept them on for a minute. It’s not cool to wear a bracelet when you’re a boy, atleast when you’re one of my boys!


This turned out to be a very fun outing even with the cold temps. I did get a few more pictures of the boys and of some of the animals at the nature center but I’ll save those for another post. The nature center is free for admission and open almost all the time. Where in your town can you go for free, explore, connect and photograph your kids for free?


So tell me....

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