Welcome to “My Cheap Camera”


Welcome to “my cheap camera”. I am starting this blog as a new and fresh place to post pictures that I or my children take with my camera. It’s a Nikon D40, and isn’t in production anymore. I have three lenses. More on that later. I am a stay at home mom, with hardly any time to blog but I always have time for pictures. So this blog will be primarily for pictures. That’s at least as it stands right now.  I may change my mind in the future and get wordy, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? So here are pictures from this weeks camera shots. Almost all of these were taken by my children, ages 7,8,9 and 13. Of the youngest three it’s the 7 and 8 year old that take the time to get a good shot. It’s pretty amazing what they can get with my cheap camera! I am impressed anyway, and I’m not easily impressed. We found contact paper in the  old craft bin in the back of the house, and tore and applied tissue paper in Christmas colors to make our own “stained glass” art piece.

For just five dollars we bought air dry clay and used last years discount cookie cutters to make ornaments for our cute tiny tree.

Our tiny tree with the crazy colored lights. Every year I think I’m going to “class it up” but then I just decide to go with what we have because the crazy big colors make me smile.I think this tree is just over 5 feet high. We’re on a budget people, pre cut and small fit the bill! *Jack took the above picture.
Last year, thinking we were going to “class it up” we bought what I THOUGHT were white lights. Turns out they’re white LED lights, which aren’t white at all! They’re a creepy blue and not fitting for our tree. SO this year they are getting good use as the boys bedroom lights, when the sun goes down. After dark (around 5pm) we plug these in, and the boys don’t need to turn their bedroom lights on. I am hopeful that this in the long run saves us on electricity.*Jack took the above picture.

Jack took this one too, I love the lighting! I checked the stats to see how he got this. Here they are: aperture 1.8,shutter 1/50, exposure mode manual, focal length 50mm (it’s my fixed lens) ISO 800, white balance auto. To be honest, he likely didn’t change any of the stats, just grabbed it and off he went. But I do like how it turned out!

My goal for this weekend is to get outside, go for a walk and take shots of the boys outdoors. What is YOUR goal?


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