Late night adventure


Tonight has been interesting. It seems we have a possum under our house and our brave little basset/beagle mix got up under there and got it to “play possum” and once it did he wrung out it’s neck quite a few times.  It’s amazing to me that my sweet little house dog even KNOWS how to get a creature from behind the head and shake so violently. I guess those instincts God built them with are really hard wired!  I’m going to go out there again in awhile and see if it’s still laying there (dead) or if it’s gone from the spot I last saw it. Kudo’s to Bingo either way. He’s a brave boy!  This picture was taken March of 2010 as Bingo “sunbathed” out back.

_DSC0112UPDATE, Bingo did kill the beast! YaY Bingo!


So tell me....

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