Field Trip/Library and River


Do you get tired of the super close up with blurry back ground picture? I think I am tiring of it.

Name this book! Jack wanted it, but then realized the reading level was a bit advanced for him and he put it back.

The old shelter for the Civil War ironclad boat called "Neuse".

A small tree. Do you know what kind it is? And yes I was laying on the ground to get this.

Jack. Funny guy wore a turtleneck and shorts. He couldn't decide if it was cold or hot!

Noah finds what he tells me is charcoal or coal. Do you agree?

The boys heading towards the water. It was such a lovely day!

Seriously I am NOT that thick in the middle. That's actually my thinnest section of my torso. Not sure if it's the perspective or if the shirt just caught wind. Sheesh.

Heading back towards the car, Max turned back and I got it! I thought about cropping this but wasn't sure how. What would YOU do? (wish I could get that orange out of the tree!)

Thanks for tagging along on our field trip today!


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