Sammy shoots


Today we had an outreach event with our home school group. I needed both hands to pass out cookies so I handed Sammy the camera. We were at a home for elders and those with disabilities. I LOVE what he got. Not every one was in focus, but his perspective was great, and that most of them were sitting it was  beneficial to be shooting from a childs view. Good Job Sammy!

This is the ONLY picture I took of the folks. This little lady hugged EVERY SINGLE child as they came in. She didn't speak with words but she spoke with hugs.

Sam was in front of the elders singing with his group, and taking these shots. Brilliant!

I love this, the people really seemed to enjoy the children.

That's me back in the left in mustard yellow. I would have had a lot of shots of the backs of peoples heads. SO GLAD I gave the camera to Sammy!

He get's kid bokeh, and people clear. Awesome! Way to show who was there!!

This guy was so excited to get his hands on some jingle bells!

Sammy this is just perfect! Good job and GREAT smile you pulled from this guy!

We all brought cookies to pass out, along with ornaments the kids had made in their home school co-op art class.

I changed the ISO for Sam once we got outside and he took this of me to make sure the lighting was right.

After this we headed to the hospital to visit the childrens ward and pass out cookies to them as well. However because they are minors I won’t be showing their pictures to you today. But he did good! One of a boy with his IV bag in perfect focus and everything else blurred. Very cool.

Thanks for coming along with us for our outreach event!


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