Happy New Year


I sit here with a belly full of cookie dough and punch, and so thankful for my little family and our home. As I lay in bed at night I go over the days events and thank God for my husband, the boys, the house, the dogs, our health, hubby’s job and the excitement at what the future may hold. Thanks to all of you who follow along on my little camera’s journey, and who’ve already shown interest in our simple life. I so appreciate you! As this new year comes, if we’re ready or not, I challenge you….JUMP. Jump into the challenge, Jump into the day, Jump away from the bad and towards the good. Be fearless, be brave, make a difference. Love hard, forgive much, and always focus on the good.


Be brave like Sam and Go For It!! Happy New Year!


My New Years Resolutions are these:

Floss my teeth every night

Drink 8 cups of water a day

Wake up with the sun


What are your resolutions?


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