The Park







Today was a sunny warm day between a rainy day yesterday and a chilly day tomorrow. We got out! I thought I’d try something new, instead of just getting shots of the kids I’d try to capture the angles and colors of the playground itself. I hope you like it!


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    • I’ve been good thank you. I’m trying a new thing. Maybe I’ll email you more about it this weekend. I did that painting I wanted to do and I hate it. You don’t still want to see it do you? It just looks so juvenile. Your art doesn’t always translate into my art. I hoped it would.

      • Yes do email if you have time. I do not think anything you could create could be described as juvenile. Not at all. It doesn’t matter about the “translating” of my art into yours. Only the process you put into it. And in the end you will find your own unique translation.
        Peace and Light

    • Thanks! I have 50,000 pictures of my kids so I thought I’d try something “new” out today. When I first got my camera a few years ago I took a picture of a part of the park with one of my boys in the shot and got a lot of positive feedback. I think the colors and lines really speak for themselves.

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