Using a flash, outside, on a bright and sunny day


Why would one need to use a flash outside on a bright sunny day? Maybe there’s some trick I’ve yet to learn, and if so please tell me! At the park last week I kept getting dark shadowy shots of the boys. I had to change that! I decided to use the “fill flash” at -2. It worked! Here are the before and after so you can see what I’m talking about.

Without the flash. See how the boys are IN the shadow? It was about 3:00 in the afternoon.


And with the fill flash. What a difference! You can still tell they're in the shadow, but now what's facing ME is in light also.



Max without flash.


And with the flash.


What’s your solution to dealing with shadows?




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  1. Good work 🙂 I’m just an amateur photographer and no expert when it comes to pictures of people, but it looks like you’ve done a good job to me. Normally I just decrease the shutter speed, or increase the ISO or aperture setting. I’m not a fan of flashes in general as I feel it drains a lot of the natural colours, they’re always my last resort but yours look pretty good!

    • I tried slowing down the shutter and with kids on swings you can guess how that turned out 🙂 I upped the ISO and it ended up just a brighter version of itself. I liked the flash look in the end, because it didn’t blow out the image TOO MUCH and seemed to keep most of the color on the kids and the landscape.

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