I’ve a job!


I started working last week at a local grocery store and am really enjoying it.  I have not worked outside the home since Noah was just over a year old. I’m a cashier and found out yesterday that I’m being groomed for an office position. More work but same pay but I don’t mind.  I think it means a lot that they’ve already pegged me as capable. I have worked registers before at restaurants, hair salons and a shoe store but never at a grocery store. We take cash, check, debit, credit, food stamps and wic. It’s a lot to learn. I’ve almost got it all figured out. As an office person I will cashier when needed, run the lottery, give rain checks, process money orders and manage that shifts cashiers. I’m sure there is much more to that job that I don’t even realize yet. I’m under the impression that I will be in that position before the year is out. So that’s the serious bit. Here is a funny story.

Bubba comes through my line, five foot seven and two hundred fifty pounds, camouflage pants, boots, a torn tank top showing his belly and stomach hair. Scruffy beard and a ball cap. I estimate he’s about thirty seven years old.  He asks for a can of chewing tobacco. “Sure, can I see your I.D. Please? ” ( I have to ask if they look forty or under)  he hands it too me, chuckles and says ” shoot, I’ve been eighteen for three months! ”

I may have a bit on here titled “tales from the market” I can see I’m going to have a few good ones here and there. I’ve learned already that sixty year old white women love pink Zinfandel and sixty year old white men love boxes of burgundy. I’ve met a man who comes in with exact change twice a day and buys one bottle of beer each time. I’ve met a man whose wife is home sick and when the nurse comes, he leaves and comes to the market to talk to us and buy bananas and yogurt. I’ve learned that sixty year old black women use snuff but I’m not quite sure WHAT snuff is, only that it’s tobacco of some sort. I’ve learned that every age, race and religion is on food stamps. I almost cried yesterday when an eighty something couple came through my line with their food stamps.

I am really enjoying my job, I am a huge people watcher and my years as a hair dresser exposed me to all varieties of humans. I really think that the market job and I are going to be perfect friends.


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