around town


Today was my one true day off this week and we had a bit of catching up to do. I needed to run to the pharmacy, get my nails done, drop by the library and of course, take the long neglected camera out for the day. These shots were primarily shot while driving through the “old town” part of my little city. I hope you enjoy them!

fire escape




I imagine this was a very beautiful house in its day.


funky brick


the library


Old gas station


fire truck




old bank


old pharmacy, still open!


old theatre


cool historical marker


old service station

Thanks for coming along on a tour of my little town.  I hope you enjoyed it!



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  1. Thanks, I was literally taking these shots as I was driving down the street, trying not to get into a wreck, so any composition benefits were purely incidental. These are all SOOC, not even cropped.

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