Awesome Sauce


Did you know your cashier is being timed? From the minute she swipes your first item, to the time she hands you your receipt and change, she’s being timed. It’s called “customer throughput” as in, get the customer and get them through the line as fast as possible. My speed has been 84% and more recently 94%. Last week however I was feeling a bit irritable and frustrated and I didn’t even TRY. I actually did the opposite of what I was told to do in order to get higher numbers. Do you see where this is going? 

My number for last week was 102%. In addition to that I had the second highest volume of customers. That is to say, if there were 100 customers, Zena had 14% of them and I had 12% of them, and the rest of the cashiers had 11,8,6,3,2 etc. 

I’ve dubbed myself “Awesome Sauce”. As in, II’m awesome, and saucy. Yeah baby. 

Next week I’ll probably be 94% again since that seems my average, but this week I’m enjoying the awesome sauce. 


So tell me....

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