Monthly Archives: May 2012

So I was telling my husband this morning


“I haven’t blogged in forever.”


“And I’m kind of okay with it. It might die, it might not. I’m just too busy!”

So here’s what’s up. I’ve been busy working between 24-36 hours a week in addition to being a full time mom and part time home school mom. Home school is suffering. SUFFERING. The eldest son gets up before the rest of us and gets his work done. The “threebies” as I like to call my stair-steps  are getting maybe three days a week. Maybe.

So what’s up with me? Well when I get two days off in a row (which my gracious boss does for me when she can) I try to get up to Virginia to see my dad and mom. We did this at Easter which happened to also be my nephew Thomas’s first birthday.

While there my mom mentioned that dad is writing letters to all of his grandchildren, a memoir of sorts for each child, and he needed a picture of he and Thomas together.


I took my “littles” with me for another trip to Virginia a few weeks ago. We spent time with mom while dad rested. We had fun at their big mall. (big by my little town’s standards anyway!)


One day Scott came running into the house yelling “where’s your camera?” “in my camera bag”  ” WHERE is your camera???”  “IN MY CAMERA BAG!” (am I exasperating or what?!?)

This is the picture he took of his exciting find. Obviously hubby doesn’t know how to use the focus.


Here are the two shots I got. How fun to find these two creatures perched and napping on the side of our house.


Did you know we have a cat? She’s quite the huntress. Here was a “gift” she left us one morning.


Can you see the fleas? Yikes!

Let’s find something else to end this blog with. How about little baby Thomas’s rebel yell? Yes!!! My favorite picture from the post cake/in the sandbox/wearing a do rag day.

The End.