Monthly Archives: August 2012

Head’em up, move’em out


It’s time to head back up to Virginia. It seems dad isn’t doing good. It could happen fast, it could happen in the next few weeks. The hard part in all of this, is that it’s happening. We know it, we knew it, we’ve expected it and prayed about it and cried over it but nothing, nothing prepares us for this end, this final goodbye. As Sam asked me with tears in his eyes after I told him he’d be staying home for now, “So that last time we saw him might be the LAST time I saw him? ” Yeah, It might be. I hope not and pray not but yes, it might be the last time. 

more tears. It’s the time of tears. time to mourn. time to drive up and help out and do what I can. time to muster and pray for energy and pray for love and pray for safety for those of us left behind to travel and say our goodbyes. 

p.s.ImageThe title is in honor of dad, it’s what he would always say when it was time to go somewhere. The photo was taken last summer.