Monthly Archives: October 2012

who am I?


Who am I. This is a question I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks. I started thinking about it after asking my mom a bit about her routine, what would it look like now that she’s a 63 year old single mom of a toddler. She had no idea. She is having to learn who SHE is without dad.
So that got me to thinking, who am I without Scott? Who am I without the boys? Without my pets? Without my job? Do all those things make me who I am or would I be someone else entirely without them?

A lot to ponder, and I don’t have the answer to those questions. I do have an answer to one “who am I” and it’s ” who am I without Christ’s blood shed for me?” I would be an entirely other creature. My path was so desperately crooked, drug and booze soaked , men and parties and trusting my life with perfect strangers. I probably wouldn’t even be alive.

But here I am, set apart and marked and wanted and loved and accepted exactly as I am. Funky flaws and all. I frequently say “I am a bad Christian because I do XYZ” . But Jesus is perfect and his blood shed for me takes away the badness, takes away the chains and frees me to be me.
So who am I? I am a vessel, molded and shaped by my creator God. Made for a purpose and I don’t need to know what that is. I don’t need to worry. I just need to do THIS THING SET BEFORE ME. Mother THESE KIDS. Love THIS MAN. Be a good daughter to THIS WOMAN. Be a good employee for THIS COMPANY. Just do the next thing, do it in love and always ALWAYS remembering that THIS is not my home. I’m just here on a layover to Glory.
So who am I? I’m a traveler, a journeyman, an adventurer and explorer and most importantly, a child of the King.