Mouse turds


Yep, this hotel has mice, and they’ve made the sleeper sofa their toilet. As I unfolded the sleeper sofa tonight I saw a “collection” of little brown turds, all in a group. I carefully scooped them up using tissue and a paper cup, and walked it down to the desk. I waited for all customers to pass before I brought up the issue. I gave the very kind man the cup o poo and explained the situation. He quickly brought clean sheets down to the room and changed the bed out for us and said he’d have housekeeping do a “deep cleaning” of both rooms tomorrow. He also said he was taking 25$ off of the price. Scott’s company is paying for our stay but I appreciate the sentiment. I’d rather have coupons for free dinner somewhere, even though we are getting reimbursed for our meals out, it still comes out of OUR pocket up front.

Scott has been sick for a week and has slept most of today. He had last night and tonight off work but goes back to work tomorrow night. We have at least one property to look at tomorrow. It would be just the neatest if this property is THE one. I’ll let you know! Either way we are here in the hotel for at least another week because of the shipment of household goods needs a week lead time before delivery. So hotel “vacation” continues.  That’s what it feels like right now, until we are in our new home this feels like a vacation.  Staying up late and watching movies with the boys, yep, vacation. I will enjoy it while I can. After this world wind busy time I deserve it, we all do.


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