breakfast, shoes and handbags


Three things I think about each day. What am I going to have for breakfast? What shoes am I going to wear and what handbag will I carry today? 

Breakfast at home is usually oatmeal, yogurt or wheat toast with peanut butter. Here at the hotel they have all those things, but it’s not fresh made bread or greek yogurt and I don’t have my berries to top it all off.  I decided that while we are living the hotel life, I’ll stick as close to what I have at home. That means no biscuits and gravy and no pancakes. That was pretty easy and I think it will serve my body well to eat as closely to what I eat at home. 

What shoes am I going to wear today? I have an obsession, a collection of Birkenstocks. My favorite style is the Gizeh of which I have about 5 or 6 different colors. So for hotel life I brought three of those (black, navy and a summer print), beige fabric flip flops and my running shoes. I imagine that once we are sailing around the world in ten years I’ll have two pair, one being boat shoes and the other being walking shoes. 

What bag am I going to wear today? I am a BIG TIME handbag addict. The only reason I ONLY have twenty or so handbags is because I’m not filthy rich. If I were, we’d be in big big trouble. I love Miche bags because you can have one bag and change out the outside appearance or “shell” to match your outfit. I however chose one shell for hotel life. It’s the one I always use when we are traveling. It’s got loads of outside pockets and because it was originally designed for use as a diaper bag it also wipes clean with a damp rag.  I also brought a utilitarian blue canvas bag that is great for the beach or any hiking we may do, and I brought a white leather bag that is lighter and easy to carry cross body. That’s it. For me, a gal who has been known to change out her purse three times a day, this is a big deal. I’ll let you know how this experiment in LESS changes me, if at all.




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