Praying for Joy, Peace and Thankfulness


These three things, Joy, Peace and Thankfulness have been on the top of my prayers lately. I am desperate to be thankful in all things. I find myself so anxious when things don’t happen quickly, and that leads me to pray for peace. I find myself a little grumpy at this interim, and that leads me to pray for Joy. I have this desire to call all my friends and ask them to pray for me, but then I remember, I can pray!   So I do. I pray Lord, give me peace in YOUR timing, give me joy in THIS moment, and show me how to be thankful for what You are doing and are going to do. 

I get antsy, and then the phone rings. The gal on the line says she ran into someone she grew up with and he’s moving out of his house. She says he’s interested in renting it out. She meets me and shows me the house, and I fall in love (as much love as you can for wood and stone and glass). 

our new home, from the front

our new home, from the front

IMG_0393our new home, from the back. 


This is a great GREAT place. I prayed for something that wasn’t too big or too small. It looks a LOT bigger than it is. I prayed for a place with hard wood/tile/NON carpet floors (because of the boys allergies, and easier to keep clean). This place has NO CARPET. I prayed for a place close to Scott’s work, and close to town. This is both of those. It is such a clear answer to prayer, and we are so happy and thankful for this gift God has so richly given us. I am blown away, and kind of in shock at the abundant blessing. 

We are aiming to move in June 1, so only three more weeks of hotel life! We are kind of getting the hang of it, but I know the dogs are bored to tears not being able to get about and sniff everything.  I’ll post more pictures of the home here as soon as we are inside. It’s really neat! 


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