Sunday rest


What is your idea of Sunday rest? Is it the day you go to brunch with the family and work in the yard? Is it the day you head out to church in the morning then have a big meal, followed by a big nap? Do you have to skip the rest because the money making job needs you? 

I used to come home from church, fix a big meal, take a nap then do something creative. I still do that in the winter, but now that it’s warm I have been going to the beach for some tanning and reading.  I found, then lost, then found an HGTV magazine that I took with me today, along with my “Waiting to see Jesus” book. I intended to spend two hours at the beach but I topped out at just over an hour before I was done with the sand and bugs and ready for a shower and a little power nap (which I never took).  I do have to have a tentative plan set up for the day otherwise I experience what I call “Sunday boredom”. 

I’m taking my camera with me everywhere and I left out tonight with a specific shot in mind. It turned out it was too dark for that shot so I’ll try again tomorrow. Here is what I did get. Enjoy! 



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