The Tall one


It’s funny to me when people see me out with our youngest three boys, “wow, three boys? I have two and I’m half crazed most days…how do you DO it?”

We have FOUR sons, but there’s a little age difference between the first and the last three who we have nicknamed “the 3B’s”. We had Noah in late 1997, and right away I wanted another child. We have a picture of baby Noah in a double stroller which we bought thinking we’d have more right away. But like He so often does, God had another plan. I didn’t become pregnant with Sam until post 9/11/2001 when Noah was almost 4 and Sam was born when Noah was 4 and a half. Then we had Max 13 months after that, and Jack 17 months after that! CRAZY!! (p.s. breastfeeding is NOT birth control!!)

Noah is now 16 and a half, a rising junior in high school (yes I home educate him as well as the 3B’s) and works a part time job. He’s an interesting fellow, doesn’t love the outdoors like the 3B’s, he’d rather stay inside and read or listen to music. (Arthur Conan Doyle is his current fave author) He is EXTREMELY helpful around the house, and does this momma a lot of good in teaching the 3B’s how to also be helpful with a servant heart.

We call him the tall one for obvious reasons, because a 16 year old is going to be taller than a 12 year old (almost always right?) but also because he’s pushing 6 foot 2 inches and he’s not done growing yet.

Without further ado…

The Tall One in the golden light of sundown.

The Tall One in the golden light of sundown.

Once people meet Noah, they are often curious as to the age gap and sometimes wonder if Noah is a child from another marriage. The answer is no, he is OURS, we’ve been married just over 19 years. It’s so funny to me because when he was little he looked a LOT like my husband, but now he looks like me/my baby brother (who is 32 and not a baby anymore:( )

I am thankful for Noah, he’s a precious son and a gift from God. I pray that he grows up to continue to love the LORD with all his soul and mind and strength, and I pray that he finds a woman who loves the LORD just as much if not more. Whoever she is, she’ll be lucky. He knows how to keep house, he has basic cooking skills AND he’s smart. Did I mention he’s also going to take college courses this fall???

proud momma here.


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  1. I get those same questions! Or just the “stares”. I also have four sons. I came across your blog recently. I see that you and I have some things in common. One being the four sons, two being we both home school and the third being our faith. Enjoyed your post.

      • LOL! Yeah, I just love the “didn’t you want a girl?” Especially when they are looking at each one of the boys up and down. Or the most obvious question: “all boys?” I wanna say, nope this one is a girl. Haha.

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