A little moody


I’ve been feeling moody the last few days. Part of it has to do with the cloudy days and rain that we had. I enjoy it for it’s cooling effect but I truly rely on the sun for my well being. Years ago I was diagnosed with S.A.D., that’s “seasonal affective disorder”. I invested in a good light therapy lamp from a reputable store  and it has made a world of difference. If I am faithful to do MY part and sit by the light as I read my book or fix meals, then the light is faithful and does it’s part in improving my mood. It’s not a tanning light as some people think, it simply acts to trick your brain into thinking you’ve been out in the sun, giving you the happy feeling of a bright sunny day in summer! I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from SAD or anyone who notices that they are more “blah” on cloudy days.

In other news, below are the shots that I was trying to get almost two weeks ago. I thought it interesting that these turned out so sepia. I swear on the Holy Bible that these are “SOOC” (straight out of camera), not cropped or anything. It’s the view through part of down town Onancock, and I go this way when I’m picking up or dropping off Noah to his job.




It’s a sunny and warm day today, I think I’ll get out in it. What’s on tap for your Friday?


p.s. this isn’t a sponsored post, although I wish it was! I could use a second lamp for upstairs so I don’t have to keep moving mine around to wherever I am!



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