A divine appointment


Last night I decided to walk down to the beach after taking a ridiculously long soak in the bath. Scott never likes me to wander off alone so he recruited Jack to go with me.


Jack hollers back to me “you’re walking slow tonight mom!”


We arrive at the beach and look for the sandcastle we’d built yesterday to no avail. I see a woman come out and sit on the bulkhead. I take this picture.


Jack says the bugs are eating him up and he’s heading back home. I walk behind him slowly, the woman says hello to me. I feel the Holy Spirit moving me in her direction. I ask her how she’s doing tonight. Her wobbly smile betrays the truth and she starts to cry. “It’s a nice place to come for a cry.” I say, she chortles softly. “Tell a stranger your troubles” I say as I sit down next to her. She talks and I listen. A little while goes by and Sam arrives to fetch me after hearing Jack’s report to Scott that “mom is talking to a stranger”. He sits quietly as we continue talking. I end by placing my hand on her shoulder and praying for her. God wants her to know, and He wants YOU to know, you are not alone. He sees you, He knows your pain and He is loving you right through it all. You are one in a billion, and He loves you. You may have no one to talk to but He is listening. After ALL is said and done, after this life is done, HE IS THERE. Put one foot in front of the other and do the next thing. God is still on the throne. And remember, NONE OF THIS TOOK GOD BY SURPRISE.

Thank you God for this divine appointment. You are always working around me, I just had to show up, listen up and speak up. All glory and honor and praise are YOURS.


So tell me....

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