the brother–the kids


the brother

Suddenly a rush of footsteps reaches Lily’s ears and the sound of Rachel calling for her “Lily, come on, time for school”. Lily comes into the kitchen  from Grandma’s room and sits at one end of the table. She is joined by four other children ages 4-10 now sitting, plopping backpacks onto the table, pulling workbooks and pencils out and generally getting their things settled. Lily reaches down to her feet, pulls up her basket of books and gets them up onto the table as Rachel says, “Today let’s start in English instead of math. That storm last night probably had us all awake with fright and I bet our heads are still a bit groggy, so let’s start slow today okay? “ The kids answer with, “sure!” “okay, that’s good”, “yeah”.  These extra kids belong to Rachel’s brother John and his wife Nikki. They are as follows:

Tucker, a boy, age 10.
Harper, a girl, age 8.
Booker, a son, age 6.
Catcher, a girl, age 4.


Freckles and eggs
Rachel and Grandma
Grandma’s room


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