The brother–John’s wife


John’s wife Nikki is a children’s book author, who ironically can’t be bothered to stay home with her children for more than three days in a row without getting really irritable. She spends her days traveling to different book stores signing autographs, traveling to zoos, children’s museums and recreation centers to observe children for “research” for her next books as well as taking lots of time to just sit still as a method to banish writers block. It’s something she learned about in college and she clung to it like a binge drinker clings to the last call’s final pour. That method suited her personality much better than that of a stay at home mom, and it makes one wonder why you’d bother having kids if you really had no intention of being with them, then hide your disdain of them by writing books for children. One of life’s ironies.
If you had asked Nikki about this she would tell you she IS a mother to her children, and isn’t farming them out to be raised by Rachel. So why is it that Rachel, who is the mom to her single “belly baby” Lily, feels like a mother of five?


So tell me....

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