Big boy and little girl


I’m not sure exactly when it happened or why, but somewhere along my nieces lifetime she became totally smitten with Noah. She was with us last week and when we’d drop him off to work she’d cry and say “Oh I’m going to miss him, I really love him so much.”

"Are you listening to me Noah?"

“Are you listening to me Noah?”

Before letting the week get away from me I called them outside for a few snaps for posterity. We have pictures of her as a toddler up on his shoulders and I want her to be able to track her life and see that Noah (and by extension, all of us) were always a part of it.

Cheesy grins.

Cheesy grins.

These were purely for our enjoyment and for documenting here on the blog, in no way can I claim these as great portraits but they do well in capturing the relationship between my big boy and my little niece who still slips up and calls me momma every now and again. DSC_0942


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