blurry memories of last fall

Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy

all the cool kids JUMP

all the cool kids JUMP

I love love love the summer, and I dislike the freezing cold winter, but man do I really enjoy the spring and fall. The spring has promises of flowers and thawing and warmer days, and the fall has crunchy grass, late night fires and lots of bug free star gazing.
We are entering yet another new phase of our life, I’m going back to work soon and will be partnering full-time with Scott to continue the boys home education. Life is full of seasons and adjustments and like the waves we once loved to surf, you’ve got to let it knock you down, roll and protect, then get up, recover, and paddle right back out.
I appreciate your prayers as we enter into this new season.  This is an exciting path we are taking and I pray that in the end we are all better for it.


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