My favorite downtown view


When thinking about where I live, I have a few spots that visually really bring me peace. The church on Market with the huge stain glass flower, the view of the sunset from my backyard or of the moonrise from the marina. This one is also one of my favorites. It’s the view from the bridge nearest the yummy Corner Bakery.

My favorite downtown view

My favorite downtown view

We go this way when we take Noah to work, or when we are driving to visit Scott at the Wharf. It’s a lovely little spot to stop and take a snap. I’ve shared it here before but I felt this shot got a clearer image than the last one. Do you see why it’s easy to be at peace living here? I love it, and would love to stay for the rest of my life and to stop being a “come here” and start being a “stay here”. We will see, only time will tell.


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