the mad attacking rabbit hole


The Doctor asks me “So how did this happen?” I explain I had just been walking laps around my two acre yard, trying to get some exercise, lost my balance in a shallow hole and fell over. Snap crackle pop my bones were broken. He says “that’s it? that’s all you can come up with?” I say okay sure, yeah a rabbit attacked me, tried to eat my head off. He laughs, we talk about Monty Python and the exam continues, the surgery scheduled.
That’s the initial X’ray. I had a splint put on and was told I could have surgery right away with the local orthopedic surgeon, get a second opinion or seek out a “sub specialist” who’s “thing” is ankles and feet. I chose option three. For that I got to wait a solid two weeks before the actual surgery. Doctors like to take vacations after all. August 14 was my scheduled day. 1pm my scheduled time. I think I was actually started on around 4pm but that was okay with me. Good drugs can do that, make things okay that aren’t really, or make you not stress when otherwise you might. Last thing I remember was the plastic gas mask and “breath deep, breath deep.”
Two plates and eleven screws later and I was waking up. I remember asking how long did it take and had my husband been told that I was awake yet. I was told the surgery took only a little over an hour, everything went well and husband had been told I was awake and was waiting for me in my room where I’d be spending the night. 11836715_10206354802881806_7363466312832731552_n
It’s so interesting to see how different doctors do things. How my local ortho would have sent me home but this sub specialist kept me overnight. How some post op’s get into a soft boot or “air cast” after about 3 weeks but I won’t be in mine until 6 weeks post op. Anyway. I picked him for a reason and am trusting his work.
About 4 days post op I went in to have the plaster cast removed (plaster absorbs blood which is why my Dr. prefers it as the first cast) and my skin checked. I took a few gruesome pictures while I waited for the new cast to be put on. 11900067_10206376027612411_5456461958954563687_n outside right image. EWW. But I have it on good authority (Facebook comments) that this actually looks good considering what it’s been through.
Inside of right ankle. Hey he didn’t slice through my Ichthus tattoo!!
I count 27 stitches, and I’m sure there are more underneath those black beasts.
Next week I go in to get the stitches out and get yet another cast on. Right now it’s a baby blue color or “Carolina Blue”. I am thinking a bubble gum pink or Kelly green will be the color of the final hard cast before I am graduated to my air boot.
This is quite the long process of recovery, but not near as bad as some have it, and at the end of the day I’m still alive and kicking, well, alive and punching. No kicking for a little bit longer….


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