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Three years later


I’m home again!

It’s absolutely insane how working outside the home gobbles up all my “free” time, because any free time is spent with the kids, doing housework, with Scott or checking on family.
Family, a lot has changed in three years. Noah moved out of the house in the spring of 2017 to go live with Scott’s parents who needed someone around just to keep an eye on things. That was a great help for them as well as being a baby step to living on his own. In February of this year (2018) Scott’s dad fell ill and was hospitalized for 5 months until he passed away July 27. During that time, the remaining boys, Sam, Max and Jack took turns going to the grandparents house to be an extra layer of help. We called them “safety sitters” because they sat with Nana, fixed her meals and kept an eye on her. We got her a cat thinking that would be a welcome distraction, it was, but it was also a hinderance. She fell outside while going after the cat. Thankfully she didn’t break anything (that time) but did hit her head pretty hard. She was hospitalized for a few days, and was actually at the same hospital on the same floor as Papa, and were able to sit together and watch the news. Nana has vascular dementia, which is a lot like Alzheimer’s, and it’s really devastating to watch her go through this. The biggest blessing however, is that her mood is generally good and she’s almost always happy. In September we moved her to a facility closer to us, and now we get to see her several times a week, and know that she is getting fed, getting her medicines and being watched after. It was an adjustment for her, but she seems to be doing well enough. She did fall and break her hip, but didn’t need a full replacement, and now she is wheelchair bound. It’s sad to think that the woman who would walk 3 miles with me after dinner, will never walk again.

After the boys had been gone so much, I really started praying for God to make a way for me to be home again, but also be able to contribute to the financial needs of the household. Three teenage boys eat a LOT and we always need more food or milk. I remember driving out the driveway to work (oh, new house, I’ll update that too) and praying “God, I want to be home, I know YOU want me to be home. The boys need me, and I need them. Whatever supernatural thing you can do, because I have no ideas whatsoever how I can be home AND make money, please Lord, if it’s Your will, do it.”
About two weeks later I was texting a company in regards to a product that I had purchased and was having a little issue with. It was about 9 at night and someone replied right away. I just said “If you ever need someone to do this job, I’m your gal”. Thinking I’d get a haha or just silence. A few minutes later they said “we are looking for someone, send us your resume at” and before the night was out I had done that. Then I got an email saying “fill out an application here”, and I did that too. The next day or so I didn’t hear anything back, then it was the CEO reaching out to me, saying she wanted to call for an interview. I did that interview from the car in the parking lot at the bank right before starting a mid-day shift. Then I got an email a week or so later saying I needed to schedule another interview, this time skype style. WOWZERS, it was a few weeks later and I was on vacation at the beach, and I was getting so antsy, I just had to know, did I get the job? I emailed one of the interviewers and she quickly replied saying someone would be emailing me soon, if they hadn’t already. The rest is history, I got the job, gave my 2 weeks notice at the bank and started training. So what’s the job? I do customer service from home, from the comfort of my own desk, kitchen table, couch, wingback chair, etc. Actually, I have all the apps needed for the job downloaded to my phone, so I can even go on a road trip and work so long as I know I’ll have reliable cell service. Amazing! I answer emails to the company, help customers when they’ve inadvertently put in the wrong address, and reply to texts on Instagram and FaceBook. It’s so much fun! I’ve got several teammates spread across America, and so far we seem like a great team and all very supportive and encouraging of each other. I’ve been home now since Sept 22 and it’s been so great. The boys are getting caught up with school, they’ve got a good routine going and as a family, we are doing very well.
I’ve got more updates to put out, we moved in September of 2017 to a log cabin a few miles away from Painter Farm (God gives us the neatest houses!) and we’ve got a new addition to the family.
Another time.
God Bless you and Keep you.