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Three hours spent on a hammock


I ordered a hammock that arrived yesterday afternoon. I immediately put it up and laid in it. After about two hours  Max brought out the camera and iphone and we went to snapping. I told him I was going for some abstract images  as well as some fun sun images. Towards Sunset Noah and Sam came out and were watching the sun go down. By the end of it all I had spent time with each of the boys, and alone time with God. I stayed up late last night and put it all together into an imovie.  I hope you enjoy it!


The Eastern Shore, “you’ll love our nature”.




So far it’s true, we love the nature here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We also love the wind. It’s ALWAYS windy. ALWAYS. It also makes it about 10 degrees cooler feeling than where we were in North Carolina. We are LOVING IT!



view from our new home

view from our new home

windy, ALWAYS.

windy, ALWAYS.


flickr fun/aviary


I just NOW discovered that picnik is GONE and has been replaced with Aviary, in Flickr editing. So I’m having a bit of learning and exploring with pictures taken lately, and posting them here. Enjoy!

A flower at Molly’s house.


Miss Lily in her backyard.

Me, taken by Jack.

Not edited with Aviary, just a sidenote. We were in Concord this time last year, and leave again soon to go up. This time Scott will stay home and the boys and I will travel. We thought that last year would be the last year we could vacation with my dad. He’s still here, so off we go again. Praise the Lord!
This picture is my mom and dad.

Spring has sprung








We’ve had a crazy winter here in Eastern N.C. So crazy in fact that the bulbs are blooming and the daffodils are daffodilling and the little white flowers in the grass are lovely and attracting the bees. We’ve been outside more, playing in the yard and riding bikes and enjoying oodles more of sunshine! I’m loving it!

What is YOUR favorite season of the year?



Today was warmer and sunny and we got out back to play and shoot a bit. I wanted to explore poses for someone like me (size 16 curvy) and see what was working, and what wasn’t! I think these turned out good. Obviously Sammy shot all the ones I was in, but I had set up and directed everything. The little boys got to direct ME in their individual shots. I love how their direction really brought out their personality.  Do you ever use the people around you to try something new?  Do you ever ask your subjects to tell YOU what they want?