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flickr fun/aviary


I just NOW discovered that picnik is GONE and has been replaced with Aviary, in Flickr editing. So I’m having a bit of learning and exploring with pictures taken lately, and posting them here. Enjoy!

A flower at Molly’s house.


Miss Lily in her backyard.

Me, taken by Jack.

Not edited with Aviary, just a sidenote. We were in Concord this time last year, and leave again soon to go up. This time Scott will stay home and the boys and I will travel. We thought that last year would be the last year we could vacation with my dad. He’s still here, so off we go again. Praise the Lord!
This picture is my mom and dad.


kitchen shots (bang bang)


it’s cold, it’s dreary, it’s drizzly. But I’ve got to get my camera out to play! Here’s what I’ve got.

Handsome Jack. I got the lightscoop out, and put the camera on Manual to make sure the shutter speed and aperture were exactly fast enough and wide open. ISO was 200. Flash strength maxed out.


Lucy wasn't happy with my camera. I actually think she's scared of it. Sticking your tongue out isn't nice for dogs or people!


Pretty girl. Since I have four boys, she gets to be my baby girl. She's just the sweetest, unless you're a man at my house and Scott isn't here, then she's a vicious attack dog. I'm not even kidding either. She's VERY protective of me! She even started barking at a man on TV last night after Scott had gone to bed. Warning!


Max isn't feeling so great today, kind of in a sleepy crabby mood. I wonder if he's got S.A.D. like me? It could be!


That’s it. We’re done with school for the day and the video game madness is about to begin. I’m going to get to that laundry pile then work on finishing up “Mockingjay” . What are you doing today?