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My new blog


I have been wanting to talk a lot about my experience at the Market but I haven’t felt comfortable putting it all here, I want this to be for my camera and pictures and such. So if you’re interested in hearing about the Market musings, check out my new blog.

thanks in advance if you pop over!


Dogs in the Market


Today at the Market, a stray dog came in! I thought at first that he (or she) was with someone, but it turned out he was alone. Up and down isles four, five, and six he ran. My co-worker LaFawnda (name change to protect her innocent craziness) literally jumped UP onto her register out of fear! I didn’t know what to say over the loud-speaker (dog indoors? help?) so I said “Security to the front please, security.”) and within five seconds FLAT I had twenty Market employees, all male and burly and ready for a fight, running up the isles. I LITERALLY have never seen 75% of these co-workers before! There’s a LOT going on in the back I’m completely clueless to. Anyway, they managed to shepherd the dog back outside, and had to dissuade him from coming back inside at least one more time. It was so SO SO funny. Maybe I shouldn’t have called for “security”, those guys thought they were coming to rescue me from an armed robber or to take down a shoplifter. Now I know why we have NO crime issues. All those dudes in the back! YAY for the dudes. Yay for the dog and Yay for the Market for giving me yet another great story to share!!