I use my trusty Nikon D40 which I bought for under $600.00 about three years ago. I had the kit lens for a year before my brother in law gifted me with his gently used AF-S Nikkor 55-200 mm 1:4-5.6G . Soon after my husband got me a fabulous Kelly Moore bag.  Another year and a half later I saved up and bought my fixed fifty, the Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1:1.8. Between the beginning and now I’ve also bought a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release gadget and a light scoop. That’s my arsenal.Very basic and very affordable by most standards. I enjoy reading through Digital Photography School and Ken Rockwell’s reviews on cameras. A GREAT resource!  There’s always room for more learning!

You’ll also find pictures here taken from my hand me down iPhone that I inherited after my dad died in 2012, as well as video taken from any of the boys camera’s or phones that they’ve managed to scavenge or buy with birthday money!


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  1. Love your blog! I’m still using my kit lens, as I save up for something a little fancier. 😉 DPS is my favorite photography resource!

  2. Congrats on your blog. Love your pics. I must buy a good camera to take nice shots. Will do in April/May when I visit my daughter who lives in the US. Not sure what to buy yet, the choice is wide. I have a blog with my own pics, I´m a beginner. Regards from Uruguay. 😉

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