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Eleven is a big number


I remember coming home from Walmart with a 13 month old on my hip and a kindergarden boy and calling Scott “I think today is the day. Don’t rush, but I think it’s today”. We went on to the hospital around 7pm and were sent home “You’re only four centimeters along ma’am, we’ll see you back tomorrow. You’ll be ready then.”  I got into the big red van that we bought when we found out we were expecting baby number 3 and Scott drove me home. Something happened on that ride home and things kicked into gear real quick. He got me home and into a warm tub where I moaned like something out of Africa, and little baby Sammy came into the bathroom and pet my arm in sympathy, always the encourager even then.  Scott arranged for a friend to come over and watch Noah and Sam, got chicken nuggets in the oven and barely got me back into the van. We arrived at the hospital at 9p.m.  and I refused to lie on my back, telling the nurse “you can check me like this!” (on all fours). A quick 45 minutes later and John D. Maximus was born. My little Max, red and snoring from day one, always such a love bug and just wanted to be cuddled. Not much has changed but I see the future and it’s going to be really good for whoever he marries. He loves to cuddle, loves to shop and is a very good listener and doesn’t talk too much. I only wish to cultivate a stronger and deeper love and longing for Jesus within him and pray each day that I will, that God will.

waiting for his birthday cake

waiting for his birthday cake

Max asked for a very specific cake, he wanted a “Portal” cake, after one seen in a video game of the same name. I think I hit it out of the ball park, go ahead and google it, I’ll wait. Now scroll down to see how mine turned out.

scratch baked cake, store bought icing

scratch baked cake, store bought icing

After we had our little family party (it was what he asked for, just family) I took him outside for a few pictures to document him at this age.

What a handsome fella

What a handsome fella

Happy Birthday Max. I love you more today than I did that night you burst onto the scene!


So I was telling my husband this morning


“I haven’t blogged in forever.”


“And I’m kind of okay with it. It might die, it might not. I’m just too busy!”

So here’s what’s up. I’ve been busy working between 24-36 hours a week in addition to being a full time mom and part time home school mom. Home school is suffering. SUFFERING. The eldest son gets up before the rest of us and gets his work done. The “threebies” as I like to call my stair-steps  are getting maybe three days a week. Maybe.

So what’s up with me? Well when I get two days off in a row (which my gracious boss does for me when she can) I try to get up to Virginia to see my dad and mom. We did this at Easter which happened to also be my nephew Thomas’s first birthday.

While there my mom mentioned that dad is writing letters to all of his grandchildren, a memoir of sorts for each child, and he needed a picture of he and Thomas together.


I took my “littles” with me for another trip to Virginia a few weeks ago. We spent time with mom while dad rested. We had fun at their big mall. (big by my little town’s standards anyway!)


One day Scott came running into the house yelling “where’s your camera?” “in my camera bag”  ” WHERE is your camera???”  “IN MY CAMERA BAG!” (am I exasperating or what?!?)

This is the picture he took of his exciting find. Obviously hubby doesn’t know how to use the focus.


Here are the two shots I got. How fun to find these two creatures perched and napping on the side of our house.


Did you know we have a cat? She’s quite the huntress. Here was a “gift” she left us one morning.


Can you see the fleas? Yikes!

Let’s find something else to end this blog with. How about little baby Thomas’s rebel yell? Yes!!! My favorite picture from the post cake/in the sandbox/wearing a do rag day.

The End.