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the brother–home school


Rachel has been home schooling all the kids together since Booker started school; Booker and Lily are almost the same age, at 6 and almost 6 respectively, there birthdays are just a few months apart. Before that Tucker and Harper had been at the fancy private school in town, but then when Nikki started to travel with her book signing, it was really inconvenient to have to pull them from school and take them with her, hire a tutor to come along and eventually she started to consider “home schooling” them, which for her meant to hire a full time tutor/nanny. Once Booker turned 4, Rachel suggested letting her start homeschooling them all together, besides, she’d already been taking care of Booker as an infant alongside Lily, practically raising him as Lily’s twin brother, this felt like a natural progression. It was a bit more to handle than she realized at the time, but as with all things mommy related, give it time and the kinks work out. Not long after the kinks were worked out Nikki called and said she was expecting another baby, and would Rachel mind taking care of this one as well. In case you were wondering, Nikki does pay Rachel, she doesn’t pay her “professional” nanny fee’s mind you, but she does more than enough to cover the food that the kids eat, the electric that they consume and all the school supplies that Rachel goes through, and even enough for Rachel to set aside enough for that one rainy day when she can finally be a little selfish. In addition, Rachel and Lily get their “Without them I couldn’t have written this book” credit at the beginning of each and every one of her lovely children’s books. Yep, without them, tending to her children, she couldn’t write children’s books. Whatever happened in her life that left her so devoid of emotions for her own flesh and blood? That’s fodder for another book my lovelies, back to this one.


the brother–the kids


the brother

Suddenly a rush of footsteps reaches Lily’s ears and the sound of Rachel calling for her “Lily, come on, time for school”. Lily comes into the kitchen  from Grandma’s room and sits at one end of the table. She is joined by four other children ages 4-10 now sitting, plopping backpacks onto the table, pulling workbooks and pencils out and generally getting their things settled. Lily reaches down to her feet, pulls up her basket of books and gets them up onto the table as Rachel says, “Today let’s start in English instead of math. That storm last night probably had us all awake with fright and I bet our heads are still a bit groggy, so let’s start slow today okay? “ The kids answer with, “sure!” “okay, that’s good”, “yeah”.  These extra kids belong to Rachel’s brother John and his wife Nikki. They are as follows:

Tucker, a boy, age 10.
Harper, a girl, age 8.
Booker, a son, age 6.
Catcher, a girl, age 4.


Freckles and eggs
Rachel and Grandma
Grandma’s room