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A Christmas Hangover


Aside from the Nativity, which I leave out until Passover, all of our Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away except for these. They are small colored lights and they reside in the boys bathroom and are now serving as a night light. This works well for me because I get Jack up a couple times each night to take him to the bathroom. He sleeps hard, and in his words:  “My pee doesn’t tell my brain to wake up my body!”  Last night I took a picture of Jack who had sweetly tucked Bingo into bed with him, to include covering him with a blanket. On the way back to my room I got these shots of the lights in the bathroom. So pretty!



shooting out of focus, I learn that what looks out of focus "enough" through the lens, is downright convoluted in reality. So I aim for slightly blurry to get the fun bokeh look I want.


This is what had me getting my camera out after midnight in the first place. I used my light scoop here and stood in front of the white door. Their room is blue so if I'd been in front of a wall it wouldn't have worked as well. All the lights were off in this room.

Christmas pictures/Inside


This is my dad. He was diagnosed in March with stage 4 primary liver cancer and was given no more than 6 months to live. I guess they FAILED on that one!?! The latest "time of death" is estimated to be about 30 months from now, and not from the cancer but from liver failure. But what do THEY know!?! They got it wrong the first time, they can get it wrong again. He could be around for EONS!! Don't you just love his Santa pajamas and Aussie hat and curly white hair! He's Santa Papa!


Dad and Mom, in the fairly dark hallway. I used my "lightscoop" on these pictures because it was after dark, and the otherwise sunny house was only lit by a few moderate lights. The lightscoop is a GREAT alternative to JUST using a flash OR keeping your shutter open so long that things are blurry no matter how still they stand.


Jack and hubby Scott, hanging out at my folks house. Again I used the lightscoop. A few tips, up your flash strength and make sure you're standing in front of a white or light wall. If you're standing in front of a dark wall, or other dark item, or in front of nothing, you won't have anything to bounce the light off of.


This one is a bit dark because I was in front of my parents HUGE, Black television. So the light from the flash didn't get bounced around as well as if I was just in front of a white or light wall. (see my daddies coin collection? Neat how he keeps it right where we can all see it.)


Max, dirty face from all the delicious food he'd had! Scott has secretly nicknamed him "chowhall' because that boy can eat!


Noah, playing with Lily's toy after she'd gone to bed. Silly Noah! He said he was blogging for her. Goofy guy, I sure do love him!


My grandmother used to live in an attached apartment behind my parents house but recently moved out. My mom told me to go through and gather up any thing I wanted. I picked these bowls and cofffee cups and a few kitchen tools I thought I could use. Lily saw my stash and said "hey Scott (that's what she calls me) let's haffa tea party!" And she proceeded to pour me tea, give me cereal and cut up pizza (all imaginary, of course) for me. What a sweetie!


Max had picked gloves from grandmas apartment, Lily plays with them here.


We really enjoyed our weekend and were so glad to spend time with family. Seeing my dad so healthy was the best Christmas gift I could have received this year.  I still have a few more pictures from this weekend to go, but I’ll post those later. For now I’ll leave you with this. I took it right before we pulled into our neighborhood.   Max just looked so peaceful in the back of the van, sleeping safely while Scott drove us home. p.s. he WAS buckled up!

so sweet and relaxed, knowing home was just a short drive to go.


Christmas Pictures/outside


Christmas Day is Noah's Birthday! He turned 14. FOURTEEN!!! I can't believe it. He's the best 14 year old boy I've ever known and I'm so glad he's mine!

ME! Target sweater, Dots jeans, Blowfish booties and ThirtyOne eyeglass wristlet.

Noah loving on his niece Lily. We had her living with us for awhile last year so it's more than a normal cousin bond.

Give us a kiss.Lily really adores Noah. I think he's her favorite of all the "brousins".

Lily and Max playing on the driveway wall.

Lily got a new bike for Christmas.

Later, once we’re back home I will post pictures from INSIDE the house, the food and laughs and a bit about my light scoop.

It was 70 degrees today


We went out tonight to look at Christmas lights. I wanted to try getting a few shots in RAW, in different exposures and layer them. It was harder than I thought! I did have my tripod and was very careful to not noticeably shake the camera, but it seemed hardly avoidable.  This layer combo looked the best.

What a pretty house!

Today was 70 degrees and rainy all day. Not much to get one in the mood for Christmas. I had a little fun in picnik though and added some snow. Cute? Tacky? What do YOU think? I love getting feedback and I don’t get my knickers in a twist like most folks. So tell me your 2c worth!

let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Sammy shoots


Today we had an outreach event with our home school group. I needed both hands to pass out cookies so I handed Sammy the camera. We were at a home for elders and those with disabilities. I LOVE what he got. Not every one was in focus, but his perspective was great, and that most of them were sitting it was  beneficial to be shooting from a childs view. Good Job Sammy!

This is the ONLY picture I took of the folks. This little lady hugged EVERY SINGLE child as they came in. She didn't speak with words but she spoke with hugs.

Sam was in front of the elders singing with his group, and taking these shots. Brilliant!

I love this, the people really seemed to enjoy the children.

That's me back in the left in mustard yellow. I would have had a lot of shots of the backs of peoples heads. SO GLAD I gave the camera to Sammy!

He get's kid bokeh, and people clear. Awesome! Way to show who was there!!

This guy was so excited to get his hands on some jingle bells!

Sammy this is just perfect! Good job and GREAT smile you pulled from this guy!

We all brought cookies to pass out, along with ornaments the kids had made in their home school co-op art class.

I changed the ISO for Sam once we got outside and he took this of me to make sure the lighting was right.

After this we headed to the hospital to visit the childrens ward and pass out cookies to them as well. However because they are minors I won’t be showing their pictures to you today. But he did good! One of a boy with his IV bag in perfect focus and everything else blurred. Very cool.

Thanks for coming along with us for our outreach event!