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rainy days and mondays always get me down


And today, because it’s a nasty combination of the two, I’m longing once again for warmer days.  Bubbles! What a great “prop” for kids. Give them bubbles and stand off to the side and see what happens.

I was on the deck below Jack when I realized what he was up too.


I love how he's out of focus but the bubble is in focus. I was having fun playing with my brother in laws fixed 35. This is what hooked me on getting my own fixed 50.


tiny bubbles


Do I not have one of the cutest kids in the world?


a bubble beginning.


What kind of “props” do you like to give your little ones to get a good action shot? Thank you for indulging me on my yearning for warm sunny days.


Wishin’ I was Fishin’.


I’m home from church today, feeling pretty crummy and wishing it was warmer outside so we could get out. Yes I know it’s a week from Christmas and it’s supposed to be cold, but I’m in the mood for warm. These photos were taken last June when my side of the family spent a week together in Concord, Virginia. We took one day just for fishing, it was my kind of day! Lots of photo opportunity and lots of sunshine.


Nephew A.


Nephews and brothers and brothers-in-law and grandpa

My baby brother

all the men together. I was IN the water next to the dock to get this shot.

I shared with you that I’m longing for a warm sunshiny day today. What are YOU longing for today?