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Oh what a night


We decided last night to cook out back in the fire pit, sleep out back if the breeze picked up (it didn’t) and fish out back even though we didn’t have proper bait. It was possibly one of my favorite days in life yet! DSC_0335 Max was inside the tent while reading a survival book. he was really into it!

DSC_0336 Sam makes a mustache with a cheeto. Silly guy. We had gone down to the beach earlier, just the two of us, to play some soccer together. First one to nine points wins. I won, but I totally cheated. I am very hands on and that’s putting it nicely. I may have shoved the little man a couple or five times. I eventually drug him into the water, fully clothed (me, he was in shorts) and we swam for awhile. That really added to this being one of my favorite days, just that one on one time with him. DSC_0361 All the fixings ready for the hot dogs. We drug out chairs and made makeshift tables from old luggage cases. Whatever works! DSC_0337 After the food was consumed and put away, we played a round of what the boys call “Whitleyball”, basically just tossing it back and forth and working on our throwing and catching. I even got in on it after I put the camera down. DSC_0367 At some point the boys thought they’d attempt fishing, even though we didn’t have any baitfish or worms. It didn’t last long! The little no see ums were eating up the boys. DSC_0364 Max waiting for the ball to come his way. DSC_0369 Sam tossing it towards Scott. DSC_0370 Sam took this as we wrapped up the night. I had left my camera on the top of the car  so I could join in on the ball game, and he was putting it away. I like it! DSC_0372 Hot dogs on the fire pit grill. DSC_0338 Jack decided to video what was going on using Sam’s birthday camera. DSC_0346 This is what I fixed for the grown ups. And by “fixed” I mean I bought it on sale in the “pre made food” section and baked it up. DSC_0348 Max and Jack enjoying their beef hot dogs. DSC_0354 Max eating a potato skin, another on sale, pre made, take it home and heat it item. I love the pink stickers at Food Lion!



Sorry for the pictures being all out of order. I haven’t blogged in a year, it will take me a minute to figure the format out again, and it looks like wordpress has changed things around since I visited last.

What have you been up to this summer? Tell me about your best day!!

Foot Ball with the boys

football collage by fionasflicks
football collage, a photo by fionasflicks on Flickr.

Scott had a few hours between finishing final exams and heading off to work and thought it would be fun to get the boys out front and teach them some basic football plays. I sat down in the mulch next to one of our many pine trees and got a few shots. Then Sammy took one of me later as I was heading to the market.