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A divine appointment


Last night I decided to walk down to the beach after taking a ridiculously long soak in the bath. Scott never likes me to wander off alone so he recruited Jack to go with me.


Jack hollers back to me “you’re walking slow tonight mom!”


We arrive at the beach and look for the sandcastle we’d built yesterday to no avail. I see a woman come out and sit on the bulkhead. I take this picture.


Jack says the bugs are eating him up and he’s heading back home. I walk behind him slowly, the woman says hello to me. I feel the Holy Spirit moving me in her direction. I ask her how she’s doing tonight. Her wobbly smile betrays the truth and she starts to cry. “It’s a nice place to come for a cry.” I say, she chortles softly. “Tell a stranger your troubles” I say as I sit down next to her. She talks and I listen. A little while goes by and Sam arrives to fetch me after hearing Jack’s report to Scott that “mom is talking to a stranger”. He sits quietly as we continue talking. I end by placing my hand on her shoulder and praying for her. God wants her to know, and He wants YOU to know, you are not alone. He sees you, He knows your pain and He is loving you right through it all. You are one in a billion, and He loves you. You may have no one to talk to but He is listening. After ALL is said and done, after this life is done, HE IS THERE. Put one foot in front of the other and do the next thing. God is still on the throne. And remember, NONE OF THIS TOOK GOD BY SURPRISE.

Thank you God for this divine appointment. You are always working around me, I just had to show up, listen up and speak up. All glory and honor and praise are YOURS.


Be Still


Have you ever searched frantically for an answer? Have you ever cried out to God over and over again, asking Him to please JUST THIS ONCE to help you? Have you ever lay facedown, weeping, begging earnestly of Him?

“Be Still and know I am God.” That’s how I always learned the verse in Psalms 46.
Here’s how my amplified Bible puts it.
“Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!”


Still waters this morning.

Still waters this morning.

Sunsets, flip flops, water, sky on fire


We’ve been in the house 5 days. We are still living out of our suitcases and that’s alright with us. As long as we’ve got our swimmers, a few dry towels and sunscreen the unpacking can wait.

My life, this life, my God who gave this to us. I’m blown away.


Jack stands out at the water taking pictures with my phone.




Sunset with Gazebo.

Scott had these new flip flops waiting for me since I arrived. Only shoe worn aside from running shoes.

Scott had these new flip flops waiting for me when I arrived. Only shoes worn aside from running shoes.


This is our "little beach" at high tide.

This is our “little beach” at high tide.


The sky seems to be on fire.

The sky seems to be on fire.


I hope you enjoyed a visual peek into our evening. I’ll have more tomorrow!







Praying for Joy, Peace and Thankfulness


These three things, Joy, Peace and Thankfulness have been on the top of my prayers lately. I am desperate to be thankful in all things. I find myself so anxious when things don’t happen quickly, and that leads me to pray for peace. I find myself a little grumpy at this interim, and that leads me to pray for Joy. I have this desire to call all my friends and ask them to pray for me, but then I remember, I can pray!   So I do. I pray Lord, give me peace in YOUR timing, give me joy in THIS moment, and show me how to be thankful for what You are doing and are going to do. 

I get antsy, and then the phone rings. The gal on the line says she ran into someone she grew up with and he’s moving out of his house. She says he’s interested in renting it out. She meets me and shows me the house, and I fall in love (as much love as you can for wood and stone and glass). 

our new home, from the front

our new home, from the front

IMG_0393our new home, from the back. 


This is a great GREAT place. I prayed for something that wasn’t too big or too small. It looks a LOT bigger than it is. I prayed for a place with hard wood/tile/NON carpet floors (because of the boys allergies, and easier to keep clean). This place has NO CARPET. I prayed for a place close to Scott’s work, and close to town. This is both of those. It is such a clear answer to prayer, and we are so happy and thankful for this gift God has so richly given us. I am blown away, and kind of in shock at the abundant blessing. 

We are aiming to move in June 1, so only three more weeks of hotel life! We are kind of getting the hang of it, but I know the dogs are bored to tears not being able to get about and sniff everything.  I’ll post more pictures of the home here as soon as we are inside. It’s really neat! 

Oh how He loves you and me!


It is hard to tell folks how you pray, and harder to share how God answers. But I have felt it very important to document this, to journal it and to share it. So here goes. After reading a post from Flower Patch Farmgirl, I had prayed that God would show me who He is and show me how He loves me, and then all of this amazing stuff started happening (like literally, that first day). And all awhile it felt weird sharing that because it seemed like I was saying “God loves me with worldly stuff”. So this weekend I sat on my porch enjoying the sun and cool breeze and I started praying, just asking God to explain this way of answering my prayers. What I got, if I can explain it, what God spoke into me, was this:

I have loved you since the world began. I loved you as I knit you together. I loved you as you wandered the world in darkness and I loved you as I came down to save you by paying for your sins with My death on the cross. Because I know you, and I know how you FEEL loved, that is why I answered your prayers with this job and this move, because that is the language that you speak. 


Now doesn’t that just beat all? As I typed this out I thought of the catchy words “love language” and realized, God showed me HIS love in MY love language. That just tells me even more, that I have absolutely no real concept of the depth and complex layers and infinite  amount of love that God has for me.


And P.S. He loves you that much too!