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It was 70 degrees today


We went out tonight to look at Christmas lights. I wanted to try getting a few shots in RAW, in different exposures and layer them. It was harder than I thought! I did have my tripod and was very careful to not noticeably shake the camera, but it seemed hardly avoidable.  This layer combo looked the best.

What a pretty house!

Today was 70 degrees and rainy all day. Not much to get one in the mood for Christmas. I had a little fun in picnik though and added some snow. Cute? Tacky? What do YOU think? I love getting feedback and I don’t get my knickers in a twist like most folks. So tell me your 2c worth!

let it snow let it snow let it snow!


Before and After

Below you’ll see the picture I posted last week followed by a fairly dramatic edit. The original is not SOOC, I did boost the color a bit. For the second one I used my membership at picnik.com  and first ran the HDR action, then the black and white action and then the contrast level to increase the blacks. I was inspired by an article on DPS here.

Shelter, before and after


So what do you think? I don’t usually do a lot to my pictures, maybe an exposure adjustment or a color boost but I’m not one for tricks like adding flare or softening a picture or even much touch ups on pimply faces. What about you? What’s your post process style? What tricks have you got up your sleeves to make your pictures unique to you? Where you get inspiration to try something new? Have you checked out DPS yet?

P.S. I like the second one, but I really prefer the first one better. I love the misty background and the color of the earth and leaves. It really gives a sense of life but also season. The black and white version looks more lonely and cold to me. Which one do you prefer and why?