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the brother–grandma’s room


the brother

From inside Grandma Mary’s room we see Grandma’s bed and many pictures of family lives through the ages. Grandma grew up in this house and her husband had married into this farm life. Together Grandma and Grandpa had worked this farm. Grandpa died in an accident and that same accident took grandma’s legs after a long, failed attempt to save them. Hospitals you see, can be dirty out in the country, and sometimes infections creep in and then it was just easier to take her legs, especially when you take in to account Grandma’s diabetes. Her legs just weren’t going to heal. So now Grandma sits in bed in the nicest first floor bedroom in the house, with the best view of the farmland and the sky, and she reads her bible, prays, sings and talks to little Lily at the beginning and the end of each day. They talk about how Lily can one day be a princess of the most important kind. She can be a princess to the King Jesus as she grows to serve her family and one day have a family of her own. She talks to Lily about using her “princess voice” and what it looks like to  serve others. Lily’s mom is the living model of this behavior; she serves Grandma, serves her husband who continues to work the farm even though he, like his long departed father in law, married into it and it wasn’t his own, and she also cares for her nieces and nephews,  home schooling them along with Lily, who is Rachel’s only child.



Freckles and eggs

Rachel and Grandma