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Happy New Year


I sit here with a belly full of cookie dough and punch, and so thankful for my little family and our home. As I lay in bed at night I go over the days events and thank God for my husband, the boys, the house, the dogs, our health, hubby’s job and the excitement at what the future may hold. Thanks to all of you who follow along on my little camera’s journey, and who’ve already shown interest in our simple life. I so appreciate you! As this new year comes, if we’re ready or not, I challenge you….JUMP. Jump into the challenge, Jump into the day, Jump away from the bad and towards the good. Be fearless, be brave, make a difference. Love hard, forgive much, and always focus on the good.


Be brave like Sam and Go For It!! Happy New Year!


My New Years Resolutions are these:

Floss my teeth every night

Drink 8 cups of water a day

Wake up with the sun


What are your resolutions?


Christmas Pictures/outside


Christmas Day is Noah's Birthday! He turned 14. FOURTEEN!!! I can't believe it. He's the best 14 year old boy I've ever known and I'm so glad he's mine!

ME! Target sweater, Dots jeans, Blowfish booties and ThirtyOne eyeglass wristlet.

Noah loving on his niece Lily. We had her living with us for awhile last year so it's more than a normal cousin bond.

Give us a kiss.Lily really adores Noah. I think he's her favorite of all the "brousins".

Lily and Max playing on the driveway wall.

Lily got a new bike for Christmas.

Later, once we’re back home I will post pictures from INSIDE the house, the food and laughs and a bit about my light scoop.

Because the grass is always greener on the other side

Because it was 73 degrees yesterday, and will be 68 today, and because I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, here are pictures from two years ago when we had  a good glaze of ice on everything. Show me your snow! 

snow and ice covered pine needles


dogwood berries glazed in ice


the icing that won't get you fat


Do you have snow where you are? Take a few snaps, post them and put your link in the comments please. I want some snow!

It was 70 degrees today


We went out tonight to look at Christmas lights. I wanted to try getting a few shots in RAW, in different exposures and layer them. It was harder than I thought! I did have my tripod and was very careful to not noticeably shake the camera, but it seemed hardly avoidable.  This layer combo looked the best.

What a pretty house!

Today was 70 degrees and rainy all day. Not much to get one in the mood for Christmas. I had a little fun in picnik though and added some snow. Cute? Tacky? What do YOU think? I love getting feedback and I don’t get my knickers in a twist like most folks. So tell me your 2c worth!

let it snow let it snow let it snow!