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Life Lessons


What do you need to know in order to be a useful and productive citizen of the world? How about just of America? Obviously you should know how to write and to sign your name, although I understand cursive is a rare thing in kids these days. I also think you should understand basic math because it’s required in day to day life, and you should know basic world history, and social skills. Manners, religion, science, art and music are other things that should be covered in your primary education. So all that to say, I want to incorporate some LIFE skills into the boys basic Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
So here is my current list of what we are “adding” into our day to day schooling. Let me know what you think and if you have any further ideas.
Current Events
Laws in your state
Human Rights
Animal Rights
Civil Rights
Basic first aid
Political systems
Writing checks
Cashing checks
what you need to open a bank account
Applying for a job
Building a resume
Practice job interviews
Organizing bills
Paying bills
Making a household budget
Typing lessons

So far the boys are really enjoying this “extra” stuff, and like that it’s a big group lesson and not them all scattered off to their own corners of the house. I like it too and am enjoying spending this extra time with them. 🙂


the brother–home school


Rachel has been home schooling all the kids together since Booker started school; Booker and Lily are almost the same age, at 6 and almost 6 respectively, there birthdays are just a few months apart. Before that Tucker and Harper had been at the fancy private school in town, but then when Nikki started to travel with her book signing, it was really inconvenient to have to pull them from school and take them with her, hire a tutor to come along and eventually she started to consider “home schooling” them, which for her meant to hire a full time tutor/nanny. Once Booker turned 4, Rachel suggested letting her start homeschooling them all together, besides, she’d already been taking care of Booker as an infant alongside Lily, practically raising him as Lily’s twin brother, this felt like a natural progression. It was a bit more to handle than she realized at the time, but as with all things mommy related, give it time and the kinks work out. Not long after the kinks were worked out Nikki called and said she was expecting another baby, and would Rachel mind taking care of this one as well. In case you were wondering, Nikki does pay Rachel, she doesn’t pay her “professional” nanny fee’s mind you, but she does more than enough to cover the food that the kids eat, the electric that they consume and all the school supplies that Rachel goes through, and even enough for Rachel to set aside enough for that one rainy day when she can finally be a little selfish. In addition, Rachel and Lily get their “Without them I couldn’t have written this book” credit at the beginning of each and every one of her lovely children’s books. Yep, without them, tending to her children, she couldn’t write children’s books. Whatever happened in her life that left her so devoid of emotions for her own flesh and blood? That’s fodder for another book my lovelies, back to this one.

So I was telling my husband this morning


“I haven’t blogged in forever.”


“And I’m kind of okay with it. It might die, it might not. I’m just too busy!”

So here’s what’s up. I’ve been busy working between 24-36 hours a week in addition to being a full time mom and part time home school mom. Home school is suffering. SUFFERING. The eldest son gets up before the rest of us and gets his work done. The “threebies” as I like to call my stair-steps  are getting maybe three days a week. Maybe.

So what’s up with me? Well when I get two days off in a row (which my gracious boss does for me when she can) I try to get up to Virginia to see my dad and mom. We did this at Easter which happened to also be my nephew Thomas’s first birthday.

While there my mom mentioned that dad is writing letters to all of his grandchildren, a memoir of sorts for each child, and he needed a picture of he and Thomas together.


I took my “littles” with me for another trip to Virginia a few weeks ago. We spent time with mom while dad rested. We had fun at their big mall. (big by my little town’s standards anyway!)


One day Scott came running into the house yelling “where’s your camera?” “in my camera bag”  ” WHERE is your camera???”  “IN MY CAMERA BAG!” (am I exasperating or what?!?)

This is the picture he took of his exciting find. Obviously hubby doesn’t know how to use the focus.


Here are the two shots I got. How fun to find these two creatures perched and napping on the side of our house.


Did you know we have a cat? She’s quite the huntress. Here was a “gift” she left us one morning.


Can you see the fleas? Yikes!

Let’s find something else to end this blog with. How about little baby Thomas’s rebel yell? Yes!!! My favorite picture from the post cake/in the sandbox/wearing a do rag day.

The End.

random things about me/my family

  • i was born in germany
  • the last four of my SS# is only one digit off from the last four of the husbands SS#
  • i have been pregnant exactly four times
  • i have exactly four sons
  • my dog lucy is the second dog we’ve owned named lucy. it’s a good name. i recycle.
  • we used to have hens.
  • the husband got a job at a chicken plant and we had to get rid of our hens. if we had any other birds we would have to get rid of them too.
  • i went to a school for gifted children when i was a child.
  • i went to a christian school as a child.
  • i was home schooled as a child.
  • i was one of two white girls in a school as a child.
  • we moved around a lot  when i was a child (can you tell?)
  • Scott drove a plymouth horizon when we met.

    scotts "ho-rizon"

  • i drove a dodge omni when we met. 
  • yes, it was meant to be.
  • i used to be a hairdresser.
  • i shampooed Susan Day’s hair. she was nice.
  • juan juan hair salon is where i worked in 90210. you say “juan” with the J, not silent like “yuan”.
  • my favorite candy is mike n ikes. original please.
  • i love my ipad. i can do everything there except blog. well i probably could blog but i don’t like typing on that teeniny keyboard.
  • my house was built in 1976. i almost just typed “my house was born in 1976”
  • i was born in 1973. i’m a “youngin” according to most folks around here.
  • my parents are native to north carolina, so this is like home to me.
  • my dads family got here (usa) via shipbuilders. the “haddock” men were builders of boats used to bring over pilgrims!
  • i wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t home school our kids. the eldest did a research paper on it last year. cool beans!
  • i collect enamelware, but only if it can be used and is functional.
  • i love handbags/purses/totes. it’s an addiction. if there were a 12 step program for it i’d totally go.
  • i love to read books.
  • i love to watch movies.
  • i love to watch tv, but only when i can watch a bunch of episodes of the same show, in a row. hulu is good for that.
  • this was going to be a post titled “ten random things about me” but then i went over ten, and talked about my husband.
  • i’m done.

Sammy shoots


Today we had an outreach event with our home school group. I needed both hands to pass out cookies so I handed Sammy the camera. We were at a home for elders and those with disabilities. I LOVE what he got. Not every one was in focus, but his perspective was great, and that most of them were sitting it was  beneficial to be shooting from a childs view. Good Job Sammy!

This is the ONLY picture I took of the folks. This little lady hugged EVERY SINGLE child as they came in. She didn't speak with words but she spoke with hugs.

Sam was in front of the elders singing with his group, and taking these shots. Brilliant!

I love this, the people really seemed to enjoy the children.

That's me back in the left in mustard yellow. I would have had a lot of shots of the backs of peoples heads. SO GLAD I gave the camera to Sammy!

He get's kid bokeh, and people clear. Awesome! Way to show who was there!!

This guy was so excited to get his hands on some jingle bells!

Sammy this is just perfect! Good job and GREAT smile you pulled from this guy!

We all brought cookies to pass out, along with ornaments the kids had made in their home school co-op art class.

I changed the ISO for Sam once we got outside and he took this of me to make sure the lighting was right.

After this we headed to the hospital to visit the childrens ward and pass out cookies to them as well. However because they are minors I won’t be showing their pictures to you today. But he did good! One of a boy with his IV bag in perfect focus and everything else blurred. Very cool.

Thanks for coming along with us for our outreach event!