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give a kid a camera


I swear, sometimes my kids shots are better than mine. This really makes me think about perspective, about crouching down and seeing it from their height. All these pictures were taking by Jack. He’ll be 7 next week and is 4’3″. It also makes me think that kids are comfortable with other kids taking their shots, but when an adult comes along they throw sideways peace signs and do the duck lips face. You know that face right? I’m sure you’ve seen it on your teen friends facebooks.

some of the "bigs" from our home school co-op. Crazy one in the background with a pencil is my boy clone Noah.


This is Jack's friend Lance, he's a spunky little guy and I'm surprised Jack captured him this calm.


A sweet girl Leah, discovered her little brother had a hundred dollars in his pocket. That was a funny day.


Another "big". This guy is usually all smiles. To get this serious face was quite an accomplishment! He also uses this for his facebook photo and we all know what a compliment that is! Good Job Jack!


The funnies. I guess Jack thought this was memorable for some reason.


It’s fun to see what the kids can capture, and I really do learn from them. I always go back and look at the stats to see what aperture and shutter speed and ISO it was on when they get what they get. Try it sometime! Give your camera to your kid, give them instructions on holding it and once you know they won’t drop it, let them go around for awhile.  Link back to me or post your blog in the comment section to show me what YOUR kids come up with!