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The ball started rolling


Let me back up just a bit. My dad found out he was sick with cancer in March 2011 and immediately we started praying that God would help us get out of this house and closer to our parents.(right now we are 3.5 drive away) Both our parents are in Virginia, about 15 minutes drive from each other. It has always been our mindset that we should care for our folks in their old age, and dad’s diagnosis was just the thing to get the prayer going with real regularity. I want to tell you about “the phone call” but that involves more than myself, and after writing up a draft I’ve decided to just tell you MY side of things. This involves skipping a bit for the “public” but I have documented it all in my personal journal and can tell you, God was in it all. To sum up that call, I learned that I would have to wait a bit longer than I had expected, to give in my notice. I wasn’t upset and had a lot of peace about it actually. I turned forty April 6 and I had it in my heart and spirit that I WOULD be back home with the boys by my birthday. 

As it turned out, because of a great job opportunity for hubby, we are moving to Virginia at the end of next week. Once I knew we would be moving I gave in my two weeks notice. The end of that two weeks was three days after I was to turn forty. However in the middle of that two weeks one of our sons was hospitalized, and because I wasn’t sure when I could come back to work, my work took me off the schedule for the remainder of that period. Hence, not only was I home FOR my birthday, I was home almost a full week before it. God is in this.  And you saw that the job is IN Virginia? Virginia is a big state, we will be only 1.5 hours from either of our parents. God is in this. 

So, I would love for you all to do something for me. I would love you to join me in thanks to God for this move, for my coming home to the boys, for this great new job for my hubby and for the new proximity to our folks. God has answered so much and more. I would also love for you to join me in petitioning God for 1)the quick sale of the house; we don’t want to make one cent, we just want to pay off what we owe. God is big enough! 2) for us to find a house to rent with a fence, and in a good neighborhood. Fences aren’t something the folks where we’re moving to do much, so it’s becoming an obstacle, but God is in this and I KNOW he has a house that is JUST what we need. So far He has done “exceedingly more than we could ask orImage think” and I am so thankful and excited to see what He has for us next! Lastly, as I’m left behind with the boys, cleaning and painting and getting things ready for the move in 7 days, please praise God for the peace that He has so generously given me so far. I haven’t freaked out once! Yes I’m overwhelmed and Yes I’ve got to have a notebook with me at all times to write down things to do and people to call and emails to write, but I haven’t freaked out. I prayed in the beginning for peace, and God has so graciously given this to me. Thank you Father God! 

Also, I really see a future for my boys in painting! They’ve each contributed in some way to the taping, rolling, trimming and painting of three different rooms so far (two in the last three days!) 


up and at ’em


It’s amazing how I get up “early” when I go to bed at a decent hour. A side effect of working outside the home for 14 months is that I’m now more of a morning person than I’ve ever been. With Scott’s new schedule at his new job (which is why we are moving), he will be getting up around 4 in the morning and needing to be asleep no later than 9 just to stay healthy. So we are both trying to adjust things in the “early to bed, early to rise” direction. This morning was no different. He was up making breakfast at 7 and I rolled out at 7:30, getting my jog bra, jog shorts and running shoes on to go “take my exercise” as my Grandma Floyd used to say. I walked/jogged for about thirty minutes. That’s something else I’ve changed since last posting last year, I’ve become a jogger. I guess we call ourselves runners, or athletes, but since what I do is little more than a hoppy fast walk I’ll call it jogging if that’s alright with you.  

Today I’m working on painting the living room. I promise I will fill in all the backstory, but the best place to start (and the way my mind works) is to start right here and then pick out subjects to elaborate on. So here’s a few topics to look forward to (and typing this will keep me accountable). 


kids homeschool 

turning 40

becoming an athlete

crying freely

asking God to show me how He loves me

getting fired (Scott)

quitting my job (me)

God answering years of prayers, avalanche style (fast and furious!)

Okay that should keep me busy for awhile. I hope you all have a GREAT Saturday and take time to work a little, rest a little and play a LOT!