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random kitchen shelf


jade juicer found at thrift store. tiny yellow pot, rae brown pottery.

my little pigs. one was on a birthday cake and the other arrived mysteriously.

grumpy smurf missing his nose. did you ever hear "cut off your nose to spite your face"?

chop sticks bought in manhattan. bowl by rae brown pottery.

little red hen. used to live on the paper towel roll but now lives on this shelf.

little red owl. cast iron and heavy as can be. came from mother in laws house.

This is what I look at every morning as I heat up water for tea or coffee. What are some of your daily sights?

p.s. find out more about Rae’s pottery here. She is a friend of mine and I’m lucky enough to receive what she either gifts me or deems less than perfect. She’s a perfectionist so I get a LOT of cool stuff from her!!




This funny thing “clicked” his beak in response to the boys talking, and then proceeded to have a conversation with them. I want to see an x ray of an owl to understand how their necks do that crazy thing they do!

This pretty fella shed some down and the boys added it to their nature bracelets. Fluffy cuteness. Never mind the dead mouse at the bottom of the cage. ICK.