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Late Night Posers


Max can't be bothered with my direction.


Jack enjoys the process.


The shutter was just slow enough to catch his hands moving.

Today was a super relaxing first day to the year. We slept in until 10:30, took time to read and paint and play and nap. I introduced the bigger boys to the X Files TV show, and the little guys stayed in my room and that’s when I got some accessories and the camera out. Tomorrow we’re all headed out to a park. Last time we were all there Scott found a copperhead snake. I hope that doesn’t happen again! I should get some fun shots though. We’ll see! Happy New Year friends.





Today was warmer and sunny and we got out back to play and shoot a bit. I wanted to explore poses for someone like me (size 16 curvy) and see what was working, and what wasn’t! I think these turned out good. Obviously Sammy shot all the ones I was in, but I had set up and directed everything. The little boys got to direct ME in their individual shots. I love how their direction really brought out their personality.  Do you ever use the people around you to try something new?  Do you ever ask your subjects to tell YOU what they want?