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My favorite downtown view


When thinking about where I live, I have a few spots that visually really bring me peace. The church on Market with the huge stain glass flower, the view of the sunset from my backyard or of the moonrise from the marina. This one is also one of my favorites. It’s the view from the bridge nearest the yummy Corner Bakery.

My favorite downtown view

My favorite downtown view

We go this way when we take Noah to work, or when we are driving to visit Scott at the Wharf. It’s a lovely little spot to stop and take a snap. I’ve shared it here before but I felt this shot got a clearer image than the last one. Do you see why it’s easy to be at peace living here? I love it, and would love to stay for the rest of my life and to stop being a “come here” and start being a “stay here”. We will see, only time will tell.


trying something new


On my quest to get a good black and white using only what I already have (because I’m cheap just like my cheap camera!) I’m going to try getting shots with my in camera option of black and white. Here’s what I’ve shot so far today.

Me right out of the shower. Not sure why the pout face, I feel dumb smiling when it's just me taking the picture.

Today’s goal is to get a few portraits of my kids and some friends coming over. What is your creative goal for the day?

watercolor inspiration


One way I can capture beauty around me is to take a few pictures, some blurry and one in focus. This helps me imagine the colors and how they wash together on the paper. I very often do this and put them big on my flickr screen and paint using the pictures as a reference.


super blurred, just the basic colors. This is my first step on my watercolor paper.


I come in and start adding shapes and shadows, more dark colors too.


Then I come in with my darkest colors and sometimes a pen, to give the painting more definition.


This is the image in focus, however I don't usually do my watercolors in focus. I like them softer and a bit more dreamy. The in focus picture serves as a reference point. Is that a rock or a squirrel? Is that a bush or part of a tree? I need the focus shot to remind me of my goal.


I often say that painting is my way of running away without leaving the house. How do YOU get your “away” time? What inspires you? How do you use your photography to help you relax or to inspire your work? What’s your media of choice? Tell me a bit about yourself!