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Three hours spent on a hammock


I ordered a hammock that arrived yesterday afternoon. I immediately put it up and laid in it. After about two hours  Max brought out the camera and iphone and we went to snapping. I told him I was going for some abstract images  as well as some fun sun images. Towards Sunset Noah and Sam came out and were watching the sun go down. By the end of it all I had spent time with each of the boys, and alone time with God. I stayed up late last night and put it all together into an imovie.  I hope you enjoy it!

Eastern Shore, VA. Welcome Home!


This is a compilation of the pictures (mostly iphone pics) taken since we’ve been here on the eastern shore. This is also my first attempt at an iMovie. I hope you like it! The song is “Just one drop” by PLUMB. I personally dislike when songs are cut off so I let it play itself out once the sunset picture shows.