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random things about me/my family

  • i was born in germany
  • the last four of my SS# is only one digit off from the last four of the husbands SS#
  • i have been pregnant exactly four times
  • i have exactly four sons
  • my dog lucy is the second dog we’ve owned named lucy. it’s a good name. i recycle.
  • we used to have hens.
  • the husband got a job at a chicken plant and we had to get rid of our hens. if we had any other birds we would have to get rid of them too.
  • i went to a school for gifted children when i was a child.
  • i went to a christian school as a child.
  • i was home schooled as a child.
  • i was one of two white girls in a school as a child.
  • we moved around a lot  when i was a child (can you tell?)
  • Scott drove a plymouth horizon when we met.

    scotts "ho-rizon"

  • i drove a dodge omni when we met. 
  • yes, it was meant to be.
  • i used to be a hairdresser.
  • i shampooed Susan Day’s hair. she was nice.
  • juan juan hair salon is where i worked in 90210. you say “juan” with the J, not silent like “yuan”.
  • my favorite candy is mike n ikes. original please.
  • i love my ipad. i can do everything there except blog. well i probably could blog but i don’t like typing on that teeniny keyboard.
  • my house was built in 1976. i almost just typed “my house was born in 1976”
  • i was born in 1973. i’m a “youngin” according to most folks around here.
  • my parents are native to north carolina, so this is like home to me.
  • my dads family got here (usa) via shipbuilders. the “haddock” men were builders of boats used to bring over pilgrims!
  • i wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t home school our kids. the eldest did a research paper on it last year. cool beans!
  • i collect enamelware, but only if it can be used and is functional.
  • i love handbags/purses/totes. it’s an addiction. if there were a 12 step program for it i’d totally go.
  • i love to read books.
  • i love to watch movies.
  • i love to watch tv, but only when i can watch a bunch of episodes of the same show, in a row. hulu is good for that.
  • this was going to be a post titled “ten random things about me” but then i went over ten, and talked about my husband.
  • i’m done.

Black and White with my face on


I got some grief over on Facebook when I posted my B&W self portrait, I was angry, plain, bla bla bla (Okay most of that is nasty self talk but hey). So I give you a new B&W self portrait, with my “face” on. That’s southern girl speak for “I have makeup on”.


So far I am really preferring how my camera does B&W over how my editing does it.