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around town


Today was my one true day off this week and we had a bit of catching up to do. I needed to run to the pharmacy, get my nails done, drop by the library and of course, take the long neglected camera out for the day. These shots were primarily shot while driving through the “old town” part of my little city. I hope you enjoy them!

fire escape




I imagine this was a very beautiful house in its day.


funky brick


the library


Old gas station


fire truck




old bank


old pharmacy, still open!


old theatre


cool historical marker


old service station

Thanks for coming along on a tour of my little town.  I hope you enjoyed it!


Max’s heart, a wax heart.

Max made this heart using Wikki Stix. He said it was meant to be a ball but then he squooshed it into this heart shape. Max is a very literal and brilliant mind and he’s fully aware that this looks  like an actual heart and not the Valentine’s Day hearts you’ll be seeing this week. Anyway, here is Max’s heart. 

For you, on Valentine's Day week.


Wikki Stixs can be found here. They are basically lengths of yarn dipped in a bendable wax. Made in the USA and non toxic. Great for toddlers and bigger kids. Enjoy!

If I had the money$$$


If I had the money, I’d buy myself a new car. One with great gas mileage, and that fit me and hubby and the kids but wasn’t enormous like the van we have now. I LOVE our van. I love that it’s paid for.  I love that it’s enormous and holds all of us and the dogs, which is a big deal considering one dog is a Great Dane. But I would like something smaller, something for just going to and from work, taking the kids to the park and taking a little day trip.

If I had the money, I’d get the heat fixed in the rec room. Our house has an “add on” which is the rec room, and it has a separate heating unit, and that unit died about 2 or 3 years ago. It would be over $3,000.00 to get it fixed. It’s a room that we don’t use too much anyway. It is where the laundry machines are, so doing laundry can sometimes be a cold and daunting task.  Isn’t there a gadget I can hook onto my dryer to turn the dryer heat into room heat? I remember reading about it years ago but I can’t find anything on it now. Oh well.

If I had the money, I’d get lasik surgery on my eyes. I’ve been in glasses since I was about 13 and would really like to be free of them. To wake up and SEE right away.

If I had the money, I’d get my broken molar fixed. I broke it a year ago, and have been waiting for this month for my insurance to kick in so it could pay HALF. HALF. That’s right folks. Let me tell you, dental insurance is a scam! My gratitude in this situation is that my tooth doesn’t hurt.

If I had money I’d buy Scott a pick up truck. I think it’s hard being in the south and being a mechanic and not having a cool, manly pick up truck. I’d surprise him with it and he’d love it and he’d be nice to me every day for the rest of his truck driving life because of my thoughtful gift. {smile}

If I had the money I’d buy my friend Geri a cow. It would be delivered with a fence and pen and be ready for a good milking. She’d take care of it and give us milk and have milk for herself.

If I had the money I’d hire someone to stay with my dad during the day so momma can go to work and not worry about him. He’s just had his third round of Chemo and gets confused and takes too many pills when he’s left alone.  You know if I had the money I’d BUY daddy a new liver and just be done with that cancer all together. Or I could buy a time machine and go back in time to when he had the cancer but didn’t know it (for nearly two years) and I’d tell him to see a specialist and get it diagnosed and taken care of early. There are a lot of options in that daddy/cancer/if I had the money scenario.

If I had the money, I’d take the boys to Manhattanand stay in a fancy hotel and take them shopping at The Apple Store

English: Grand Central terminal in New York, N...

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and  F.A.O. Schwartz and the big Toys R Us and take them to China Town and buy them pork dumplings and scarves and get them their own sets of chop sticks so they can leave mine alone. {giggle} We’d take a horse ride through Central Park and pay the cabby to go really slow so we could soak it all in. We would take a million zillion pictures and they’d remember it every day for the rest of their lives. I’d take them to a different Broadway show every night. We’d see the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library. We’d have to stay for about 10 days to really get it all in our bones. It would be the trip they’d talk about when they’re old and grey.

If I had the money, I’d take Scott to Greece. He’s been before but I haven’t. I’d let him show me everything and we’d discover new things together. We would sleep in and walk all afternoon and get tan and strong from all our walking. We would eat good food and shop for all our family back home and I’d take a million zillion pictures and whenever I was having a bad day, I would remember the trip to Greece and I would smile.


All these things I would do if I had the money. I may be able to do one or two of three of these things before my life is over, but the reality is times are hard and we aren’t millionaires and even the millionaires are having a tough go of things. I am satisfied. I enjoy my work and am thankful for our jobs and for our home, for our healthy children and for our paid for cars. So much to be thankful for. But it’s not a sin to dream is it?

Without money

Without money (Photo credit: Toban Black)